Happy Growth, Happy You.

The Business Leader’s Guide to Scaling Up and Sleeping More.

A Live Webinar Series Beginning Wednesday, October 14

Learn the Art of Waking Up Before Tomorrow

Create Space in your Life with the The Five You’s, a training developed by Jeffrey Sharp and taught to Business Leaders, Professional Athletes, and Students across the world. 


Your Relationship with Your Five You’s.

Your Business

The Art of Scaling Up and Replacing Yourself.

Your Balance

Time, Money and People. 

S1E2: The Five You’s

Happy Growth: The Business Leader’s Guide to Scaling Up and Sleeping More

This is the Great Imbalance! Reverse Engineering our Lives to reap your Harvests in the Categories that Matter.

Time is the currency to spend wisely, not money. Your Spiritual Life, Time Life, Emotional Life, Physical Life, and Financial Life. 


Jeffrey Sharp, CEO
Onestá Branding

Master Sales Strategist by the age of 8, Jeffrey Sharp began his career in Business by peddling fundraiser pizzas to the customers on his newspaper route in a little town in SouthEast Kansas.

Although he thoroughly enjoyed the accolades at the second grade Award Ceremony and the accompanying Prestige that served him well into 4th grade, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he should have received some of the freaking money.

An entrepreneur was born. 

During the peak of his most successful project, at the age of 36, Jeffrey Sharp succumbed to a mysterious illness that had randomly plagued him throughout his life. 

He lost the majority of his vision and suffered through severe moment by moment memory problems. Life dropped him to his knees. The addictions to all of the Prescriptions came to a head.

And the crash came. And it was all he could do to barely stay alive, heal, and be as present as humanly possible for his family. 

It would be over 2 years before he returned to work.

Fortunately, Jeffrey Sharp had learned some things from his newspaper delivering, fundraising pizza and cookie dough days. He had learned how to Scale up his business and replace himself with teams, systems, and strategies, allowing him the time he needed to heal.

When 3rd grade came, along with the much wiser age of 9 years, Jeffrey Sharp decided to forego the pats on the back and the promises of rad Trapper Keeper stickers.

He sold his own trinkets to his newspaper clients and kept the freaking money.

That lesson and many more served him well throughout his illness. These Spirit Principles, in every sense of the saying, saved his life.

You see, in life, there are transitions. As a Business Owner / Leader, you need to make room for these transitions. The Spirit Principles that apply to Healing also apply to anything Business. The definition of a Spirit Principle is it can be applied in all areas of our lives. 

Jeffrey Sharp’s transition at the age of 36 was a health crash. Fortunately, he had made room for this transition and many others through the Spirit Principles of Business that he developed throughout his career of Back Foot Living, the Art of Waking Up before Tomorrow.

Today, Jeffrey Sharp is on a mission to help Business Owners and Business Leaders create space in preparation for The Transitions. 

– Transitioning to More Family Time
– Transitioning to simplifying the Unnecessary
– Transitioning to Healthier Personal Relationships
– Transitioning to More Travel (VACATION)
– Transitioning to every Friday off
– Transitioning to a Calmer Mental State
– Transitioning to Retirement 


Book Release TBD: “Scaling Up and Sleeping More – The Business Owner’s Guide to Happy Growth”.

The Five You’s, a concept developed by Jeffrey Sharp and taught to Business Leaders, Professional Athletes, and Students across the world, creates more Time in the 5 Main Elements of your Life:

– Spiritual
– Time
– Emotional
– Physical
– Financial

Sharp's Latest Project - Trackback, Inc

Led the creation of Trackback, Inc’s Business Intelligence SaaS Platform from Concept Inception, Development, Marketing, Sales and finally Deployment to small, medium, and Fortune500 clients, utilizing the talents of a team of 12 international employees speaking a total of 4 languages.

Sold and Serviced over $2 million in Revenue at a 38% Profit Margin.

Reached $43,000 in monthly residual sales.

14+ Years in Complex Enterprise Sales.

Led the Strategy and Development of over 375 Business Intelligence Projects within 300 Brands (See list of notable brands below).

Maintained thousands of real-time role-based users with Complex Corporate, Location, and Geographical Hierarchies

Captured and Aggregated Real-Time Data from thousands of sources using scrapers, API’s, and Manual Input from Front Line or Corporate Employees.

Database, Server Development, Security, and Maintenance

Development and Daily Maintenance for Dozens of Bots / Scrapers (Data Extraction Tools)

Provided KPI Development, Reporting,Analytics, and Accountability

HIPAA Compliant Projects, Embedded Analytics, and Reporting Portal

Predictive Insights, Natural Language Understanding,Triggers, Self Service Reporting and Dashboarding, Competitive Analysis, Score Charts, Score Cards,Triggers,API’s, Social Media Listening

Full Proposal Available Upon Request (Proposal was written, designed, sold and serviced by Jeff Sharp) – Built CEO Brand Management Analytics for CEO’s within several F1000 Companies

St. Joseph Hospital

Sunrise Senior Living

Small Smiles Dental Clinics

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Sunflower Farmers Market

Best Western

Seasons Hospice


United Health Group


Bain & Co.

ADT Security Services

Service Master

Stanford Health Care

Dignity Health

Best Buy

Fry’s Electronics

Trader Joes







Smile Brands




Whole Foods



S1E1: My Crash – Watching My World Crumble (Replay)

Happy Growth, Happy You
A Business Leader’s Guide to Scaling Up and Sleeping More

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020

Happy Growth, Happy You
A Business Leader’s Guide to Scaling Up and Sleeping More

Wednesday, October 14th, 2020
@ 1:00 pst

Cost: $97 Per Employer or $19 Per Individual  FREE SESSION

Jeffrey Sharp | Entrepreneur and Chronic Neural Lyme Survivor

In 2017, I was diagnosed with Chronic Neural Lyme Disease. Join me to hear my story of Redemption, Healing, and Freedom from Prescriptions as I take on my second chance in life.

My Illness BROUGHT me:
– Life without Vision
– Life without Memory
– Life Without Balance
– Life In Chronic Pain
– Life Without Humans
– Life Without Sense(s)

My Illness TAUGHT me:
– Vision In Leadership
– The Matters of Memory
– Fighting for every inch of Life Balance
– Life is Pain, Your Highness (Princess Bride, anyone?). Focus is the difference.
– Life With Family, Friends, and Purpose
– Business Senses: Use them or Lose Them

This is the first episode of 12. Teasers for the upcoming sessions: 

– Why are We Here?
– The Sick to Well Spectrum
– What is Pain?
– The Great Uphill – What Age Should I start?
– How to Play Big

Cost: $97 Per Employer or $19 Per Individual  FREE SESSION

S1E2: The Five You’s

This is the Great Imbalance

Reverse Engineering our lives to reap your harvest in the categories that matter.

Working Model: The Flipped Pyramids

  • If you spend your Time in Money, you will not reap Happiness.
  • If you spend your Time in Happiness, you will not reap Money.
  • If you spend your Time in Relationships, you will not reap a Hard Body.
  • If you spend your Time in Advancement, you will not reap stronger Personal Relationships.

Time is therefore the currency to spend wisely, not money.

– Spiritual

– Time

– Emotional

– Physical

– Financial

All the Things: Bills, Family, Career, Health, Job, Nutrition, Nature, Time, Money, Wellness, Emotional, Mental, Financial, Physical, Relationships, Kitchen, Spiritual, Academics, Happiness, Freedom, Kitchen, Shopping, Education, Advancement, Partners, Marriages

S1E3: The Sick and Well Spectrum

A New Way of looking at the Spectrum: 
Learning how to spot the subtle signs and how to tip the scale back to wellness

– You’d better sit down for this: You’re on it.
– Learn to Nurture
– Energy Management
– Nutrition & Supplementation
– Sleep
– Functional Movement 
– Clearing Space


Why Taking care of you pays off:
Exploring ways that you are either supporting or impairing your future

– Stop doing what you’re doing to yourself. Habits are habitual.
– Medications, Mediations and Meditations
– Pain, Anxiety and Depression
– Pay yourself first.
– Loving yourself as a practice.

S1E5: Back Foot Living

The Art of Waking Up Before Tomorrow

Back Foot Living: a Series of Spiritual Principles applicable in Healing, Happiness, and Business.

  • Spirit Principles: Life’s Wild Cards. Play them any time in any situation and they work.
  • Reverse Engineering your Days, Your Weeks, Your Months, and ultimately your Life.
  • Mind the Gaps. They are bigger than you think.
  • Get Paid for your Know, not your Do.
  • Give Gratitude in All Things
  • Love Your People, Love Your Brand, Love your Logo. Love your Culture. Love Where You have been! Love your Story, and Love your Scars!

S1E6: Your Body, Your Brain, and Your Brilliance

Harnessing your Creative Energy and Forming Sustainable Growth Patterns

  • Your Creative Brilliance pours out when you have overflow.
  • Meditation: Who has the Time?
  • Bring Calm, Mental Wellness, Pain Relief, Anxiety Reprieve, and Release from Addiction, and Depression.
  • Fingers, Toes, Guts, Eyes, and Nose and how we are quite literally and figuratively all connected.
  • The Great Mediation in Medication and Meditation.
  • Loneliness and Business Owners.
  • Sleep, Water and Whoa. The Cure All. True Sleep, Real Water, and Calm.
  • When did my “old person” grunt originate?
  • Understanding the impact of Functional Movement on your brain, your body, and your brilliance.

S1E7: Life Cycles and Seasons

Grow Living Things! Represent all stages of life.

  • Constant Ego Diminution: Cutting away, trashing things, eliminating steps, pruning, clearing space, letting go, and leaning forward.
  • What you focus on Gets Bigger.
  • And whatever you do, ALWAYS make sure to NEVER use the words “Never” and “Always”.
  • The Wealths in Weaknesses
  • Attachments to Expectations, Outcomes, and People
  • Learn to Love your Seasons and your Cycles!
  • ABC’s – Always Be Clearing.

S1E8: Your Money

  • Live the Principles
  • Be a Squirrel. Leave a ton of acorns for Future Self.
  • Start Buying your Time.
  • Eliminate Debt
  • Sell Recurring Revenue, Do not Be Recurring Revenue
  • The Subscription Economy Trap
  • Giving And Then Receiving, Receiving And Then Giving

S1E9: Your People

Your People, Your Time, Your Money, Your Energy, Your Body and Your Brain.

  • Container Living, Companion Growing, and Fruit.
  • Understanding the Employer Brand (Scratch employee surveys – sorry Reicheld).
  • Choose Wrongly with Conviction.
  • Yes, No, and OK: Eliminate conversations before they happen with the three strongest words in the English Language.

S1E10: Your Time

Be the Steward of Your Time.

  • Avoid the urgency in others – it is not your own.
  • Create Space as a daily habit.
  • Sell your know, Not your Time, or your Do.
  • The Power of Stillness in Your Time.
  • The Sledgehammer of Silence.
  • Find & Live the Peace that IS Calm.
  • Avoiding Loops.

S1E11: Your Hard Times

  • See it for what it is. Change.
  • Finding your chute when the ground falls out.
  • You are the only person for the job.
  • Lean into it. Show some atti-crude.
  • Warrior Up, Xena! Warrior Up, BeastMaster!
  • Letting Go, Slow and Low, This is the Tempo.

S1E12: Scaling Your Business and Sleeping More

How To Scale Up in Glide Mode.

  • Mind the transitions.
  • Nurture the Growth.
  • Love on the People.
  • Continue to Love on yourself.
  • Create Space.
  • Synonyms: Escaping hard times, retiring, selling out, scaling up, replacing yourself, and sleeping more!
  • Learn to laugh at the tunes that fall flat, and the audience laughs with you.


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