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Reverse Engineering your Business to reap your Harvests in the Categories that Matter.

Time is the currency to spend wisely, not money!

Let’s talk about how we can:

Utilize your money to free up your time.

Have your people working for you…
Even when they’re not working.

Find solutions that heal your pain points.

what the heck is wotc?


40% of your employees could be earning you tax credits up to $9,600 per employee!

Did you know that 25% of all U.S. employees qualify for WOTC tax credits? The thing is, most employers don’t know about WOTC or how to screen potential employees to see if they are WOTC eligible.

Say you have several new applicants for an open position in your company, and all of them are equally qualified. I can help you set your company up with an easy applicant screening process that will allow you to select the applicant with the greatest tax benefit to you. That’s some easy money.

Imagine if you hired just two employees that qualified for the $9,600 credit…what could you do with that extra $19,200 tax credit? 

ready to talk yet?

Look, we all have needs. Your business has needs. I can’t wait to hear what those are–
for you, and your business. Let’s get your company scaled up and you sleeping more.

Jeffrey Sharp, CEO
Onestá Branding

Master Sales Strategist by the age of 8, Jeffrey Sharp began his career in Business by peddling fundraiser pizzas to the customers on his newspaper route in a little town in SouthEast Kansas.

Although he thoroughly enjoyed the accolades at the second grade Award Ceremony and the accompanying Prestige that served him well into 4th grade, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he should have received some of the freaking money.

An entrepreneur was born. 

During the peak of his most successful project, at the age of 36, Jeffrey Sharp succumbed to a mysterious illness that had randomly plagued him throughout his life. 

He lost the majority of his vision and suffered through severe moment by moment memory problems. Life dropped him to his knees. The addictions to all of the Prescriptions came to a head.

And the crash came. And it was all he could do to barely stay alive, heal, and be as present as humanly possible for his family. 

It would be over 2 years before he returned to work.

Fortunately, Jeffrey Sharp had learned some things from his newspaper delivering, fundraising pizza and cookie dough days. He had learned how to Scale up his business and replace himself with teams, systems, and strategies, allowing him the time he needed to heal.

When 3rd grade came, along with the much wiser age of 9 years, Jeffrey Sharp decided to forego the pats on the back and the promises of rad Trapper Keeper stickers.

He sold his own trinkets to his newspaper clients and kept the freaking money.

That lesson and many more served him well throughout his illness. These Spirit Principles, in every sense of the saying, saved his life.

You see, in life, there are transitions. As a Business Owner / Leader, you need to make room for these transitions. The Spirit Principles that apply to Healing also apply to anything Business. The definition of a Spirit Principle is it can be applied in all areas of our lives. 

Jeffrey Sharp’s transition at the age of 36 was a health crash. Fortunately, he had made room for this transition and many others through the Spirit Principles of Business that he developed throughout his career of Back Foot Living, the Art of Waking Up before Tomorrow.

Today, Jeffrey Sharp is on a mission to help Business Owners and Business Leaders create space in preparation for The Transitions. 

– Transitioning to More Family Time
– Transitioning to simplifying the Unnecessary
– Transitioning to Healthier Personal Relationships
– Transitioning to More Travel (VACATION)
– Transitioning to every Friday off
– Transitioning to a Calmer Mental State
– Transitioning to Retirement 


Book Release TBD: “Scaling Up and Sleeping More – The Business Owner’s Guide to Happy Growth”.

The Five You’s, a concept developed by Jeffrey Sharp and taught to Business Leaders, Professional Athletes, and Students across the world, creates more Time in the 5 Main Elements of your Life:

– Spiritual
– Time
– Emotional
– Physical
– Financial

Sharp's Latest Project - Trackback, Inc

Led the creation of Trackback, Inc’s Business Intelligence SaaS Platform from Concept Inception, Development, Marketing, Sales and finally Deployment to small, medium, and Fortune500 clients, utilizing the talents of a team of 12 international employees speaking a total of 4 languages.

Sold and Serviced over $2 million in Revenue at a 38% Profit Margin.

Reached $43,000 in monthly residual sales.

14+ Years in Complex Enterprise Sales.

Led the Strategy and Development of over 375 Business Intelligence Projects within 300 Brands (See list of notable brands below).

Maintained thousands of real-time role-based users with Complex Corporate, Location, and Geographical Hierarchies

Captured and Aggregated Real-Time Data from thousands of sources using scrapers, API’s, and Manual Input from Front Line or Corporate Employees.

Database, Server Development, Security, and Maintenance

Development and Daily Maintenance for Dozens of Bots / Scrapers (Data Extraction Tools)

Provided KPI Development, Reporting,Analytics, and Accountability

HIPAA Compliant Projects, Embedded Analytics, and Reporting Portal

Predictive Insights, Natural Language Understanding,Triggers, Self Service Reporting and Dashboarding, Competitive Analysis, Score Charts, Score Cards,Triggers,API’s, Social Media Listening

Full Proposal Available Upon Request (Proposal was written, designed, sold and serviced by Jeff Sharp) – Built CEO Brand Management Analytics for CEO’s within several F1000 Companies



I can sleep for days. Try it. It’s not an easy thing to learn. 
Met my Beloved at the lowest of my moments (with a chronic illness!).
Learned how to Sit Still.
Learned to Play the Piano.
Composed a Triumphant, Heroic Return Theme Song for Myself on Said Piano.
Became present and deeply connected with each of my 3 boys. 
Taught all 3 of my sons to sing with all of their might.
Learned how to grow and harvest succulents like starfish. 
How to go without coffee, and still enjoy 2-3 cups per week.
Went camping for 4 months straight. 
Taught all 3 of my sons to know that they are musicians. 
I spent two years with dedicated focus on my voice.
My 10 year old reached his 200th night under the stars.
Beat a Chronic, Neural Illness that had taken the majority of my eyesight and my memory, and left me in severe pain for weeks on end.  
Learned how to play the Mandolin.
I wrote a novel.
Re-learned how to Skateboard.

St. Joseph Hospital

Sunrise Senior Living

Small Smiles Dental Clinics

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Sunflower Farmers Market

Best Western

Seasons Hospice


United Health Group


Bain & Co.

ADT Security Services

Service Master

Stanford Health Care

Dignity Health

Best Buy

Fry’s Electronics

Trader Joes







Smile Brands




Whole Foods




A Business Owner’s Guide to Sleeping


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